Orders can be custom made in a different size, color, or design. For a unique custom style – design, a minimum of 1000 piece will be required each style, and 250 units per color. Fewer orders may be accepted depending on the price.

Custom orders are also charged with the designing cost, and screen or stamp. However if customers already have their design pattern in our standard sizing, there will be no designing charge, but still a screen or stamp payment.

Designing starts from 30 – 50 USD, while the cost of the screen is 100 USD per style per color. With the stamp, it is 100 USD per stamp (for one design), regardless of the color. If the order is 2500 per style per color, we will provide the order free of design, stamp, and screen charge.


We will be happy to assist you. For further information, contact: cheappareo@gmail.com or
Whatsapp +62.818.346.584