1. We have been handling sarong since 2000, allowing us to gain experience and skill. Our customer will not need to worry about its production process, as we ensure the excellent quality.
  2. Even as a small and matured company, we continue to develop our knowledge to push our progress. We always try to upgrade our color, design, commitment, process and capacity to continue improving.
  3. Due to the considerable period that we’ve been making sarong, we have an extensive collection that can customers choose immediately buy if they do not wish to wait the lengthy production when manufacturing sarong from scratch. We have many different types of sarongs available, including: hand painted sarongs, printed sarongs, double process sarongs, plain sarongs, tie dye sarongs, embroidery sarongs, sequin beads sarongs, etc. Other than sarong style, we have a variety of colors: fancy colors, bright colors, off color, traditional colors and old colors.
  4. Those purchasing from our stocks will not need to think about minimum order. Although prices will be dependent on the amount you order, it is still a cheap, wholesale price and perfect for customers who want to try our products. This method of purchase provides a fast and efficient sale. We always have 25,000 pieces available, and customers can buy custom if they enjoy our ready stock.
  5. Big wholesalers aiming at becoming or are monopoly providers can strike an agreement with us. We can guard your products to reduce competition by not selling the same goods to others in your area. This can be applied to exclusive designs modeled by customers, so we won’t sell your exclusive design to anyone else anywhere.
  6. To create custom products, send the file design through Corel draw or Adobe Illustrator in 200 cm x 120 cm (area in Corel) or 300 dpi. If design is through a third party or designed through us, the design fee starts at 30 USD with a minimum order of 2,500 units, along with the screen or stamp cost. Orders below 2500 units will have a different pricing.
  7. We guarantee cheap prices with a deeply reliable quality.
  8. We undertake quality control where the condition of each individual product is inspected before exporting, so buyers do not need to worry about the products’ quality.
  9. Our production process uses clean water in the washing process to ensure pristine goods. We do not use dirty river water.
  10. Our business involves multiple parties which benefits from our customer’s orders. We employ women and men to support their families. These small jobs greatly benefit them, and can help improve their lives. Your continuous customer loyalty also provides a stable income for these workers. Some jobs the women do are: sewing in the beads, fringing the sarongs, sewing, over locking, etc, while men tend to do the stamping, carrying, product distribution, etc.
  11. Part of the sales we receive are donated to those in need, helping to improve their living conditions, such as improved health and education.
  12. We speak English, allowing easy communication and prevention of fatal mistakes affecting the order. Any information can be sent through G mail (cheappareo@gmail.com), or for a faster reply, through Whatsapp (+62.818.346.584).


We will be happy to assist you. For further information, contact: cheappareo@gmail.com or
Whatsapp +62.818.346.584.